• Omni-Channel Business. Simplified.

    Connected Business brings fully integrated “Omni-Channel” and “Endless Aisle” solutions to Distribution, eCommerce, and Retail companies.

  • "71% of shoppers surveyed expect to find in-store inventory information online,
    regarding it as critical to their purchase decision. In fact, 39% of (consumers) said
    they were unlikely or very unlikely to visit a retailer's store if they could not do so. "

  • Hundreds of success stories and counting.

    Pick the right business solution that fits your needs
    -whether you're running a retail store, an online store, or both.

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  • Distribution + Retail + eCommerce + Back Office.

    It’s a complete omni-channel business solution designed to handle business processes from beginning to end, greatly increasing your operational efficiency and maximizing your profitability.

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  • Sell more online.

    Create websites that completely integrate with your different sales channels like your retail store POS, in-store Kiosk, online marketplaces and others. Enhance your online selling experience with Connected Business eCommerce.

  • Beyond Point of Sale.

    Connected Business Point of Sale integrates with your different sales channels like your web store and in-store kiosk.

    More than just a POS, you can also manage your inventory, view reports, accept gift certificates, offer loyalty points, and more.

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Provide one buying experience to your customers whether they're shopping on your retail store, website, Amazon, eBay and other marketplaces.Unlike separate systems that require costly integration, Connected Business includes most commonly used business processes in one easy to use solution.


Automate your company’s selling cycle and easily manage all aspects of your sales campaigns.


Increase your sales with our tools designed to help you sell more and improve customer satisfaction.

ERP / Accounting

Have all of your major back office processes integrated into one easy to use application.


Sell more through different sales channels and operate from a single intuitive application.


Automate your company’s selling cycle and easily manage all aspects of your sales campaigns..


Increase your sales and operational efficiency with our advanced eCommerce application.


Connected Business Shipping gives you all the right tools for easier shipping processing.


Have all your customer data from all of your different sales channels in one logical location.


Your Inventory. Connected. Fully integrated inventory with the rest of your business processes.


Visualize Performance. All your business' data at your fingertips, in a module that works better than it looks.

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Only 2.5% per transaction for POS
and eCommerce. No Hidden Costs. Beats everyone's current rate.


The Woohaa! Network connects suppliers, retailers and consumers in ways never before possible.

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