Fully Automated Shipping

Minimize your shipping costs with Connected Business Shipping's integration with FedEx, USPS and more. Get easy access to real-time information on shipping rates. Even choose your preferred packaging type for your shipping transactions.

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Your Shipping. Connected

Connected Business Shipping gives you all the right tools for easier shipping processing.

Rate Quote Feature

The Rate Quote feature lets you check shipping rates from preferred carriers in real-time, letting you cut down costs.

Customizable Mark-Up

Connected Business automates your mark-up on shipping costs for each sales transaction.

Shipment Tracking

Your clients can track their packages on your web store without going to the carrier's website.

Bulk Label Printing

Spend less time in configuring multiple single or prepacked items with the Mass Bulk Shipment Label Printing feature.

Shipment Tracking

Connected Business Shipping generates a unique tracking number, so you and your customers can locate your packages in real-time.

Real-Time Information

Give your customers real-time information on their items as they are processed for shipping right from your webstore.

Address Verification

Connected Business minimizes your costs from shipping errors by verifying customer entered addresses.

Multi-Box Shipping

Connected Business reduces the number of steps required to print multiple shipping labels and freight expenses. Save time by easily creating your individual box shipment labels and have them printed all in one step. You also reduce shipping costs for multi-box shipments compared to generating each label individually.

This feature allows you to increase productivity by working on other tasks rather than spending extra time and resources to generate and print copies for multiple boxes.

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Zip Plus 4

Connected Business supports Zip Plus 4 zip code system. This is not only useful for having a more accurate and specific location when shipping items to your customers, but also allows you to determine the most accurate tax rate and cater all applicable taxes to your transactions.

Automated Shipping with Endicia

Integrate your online store with Endicia, so that you can instantly process your shipping and generate USPS shipping labels from one application. Minimize the amount of time spent on fulfilling orders and eliminate the costs incurred by data entry errors.

Automatically pull all your online orders, where you can instantly generate USPS shipping labels via Endicia, post tracking numbers to your online store and QuickBooks, create sales receipts with the applied shipping charges and update your inventory so you always have an accurate count of your product.

Manage your business operations more efficiently, so you can have more time growing your e-business. Connected Business has negotiated with Endicia for a discounted price that saves our customers $15.00 a month! Please sign up now using the links below.

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