Release Notes! Connected Business 18

Release Notes for Connected Business 18
Release Date: 05-18-2017

New Features and Key Benefits


  • New! Updated Login Screen - Similar to Windows 10, every login will display a different background image
  • New! Standalone Report Center - It can be run outside the CB Core application
  • New! Role-based security for Report Filter Criteria
  • New! Applets Listing in DBMC -The new applets tab will show or hide from the LaunchPad side menu for hosted clients
  • New! Job Engine for Auto Printing - There is an added job item for auto printing applied per report
  • Remove Blog from Launchpad - instead put it in admin (For Hosted Customers Only)
  • The application forms are now adjusted to different percentage in display resolution
  • Removed validation in website and email across the board (Ecommerce, Customer, System)
  • Community Edition Upgrade Dialog Window
  • Optimized loading of forms


  • New! Web Manager - It includes Skin Builder, Content Builder, Product Manager, Category Manager and Application configuration settings. Click here to learn more about this new feature. 
  • New! Second Web Image Switch On Hover On Categories, Manufacturers, Departments
  • New! Blog Engine - Simple, easy to use, and innovative design for a better blogging platform. (For Hosted Customers Only)


  • New! Customer’s Advanced Preference to enable or disable product lookup feature
  • Enhanced! Ability to edit the Budget Field


  • New! Ability to choose default printer per carrier when generating/printing a label instead of always using the machine's default printer.


  • Enhanced! Item Photo Size Mode in the General Tab can now be saved and no longer resets every time you open the item

Connected Warehouse

  • New! Display Ship Note per item in Pick/Pack Feature
  • New! Support for Third Party Billing in Pack Feature

What's Improved


Improved! Fixed Application Configuration was reset to default after database upgrade
Improved! Fixed Webstore details resets to default after database upgrade
Improved! Fixed PayPal Gateway throwing error "Could not load file or assembly 'log4net, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=1b44e1d426115821' or one of its dependencies"
Improved! Fixed Gift Certificates don't show in assigned Category
Improved! Fixed Sorting of categories does not work
Improved! Fixed Quantities are not updating in the minicart
Improved! Fixed Search box on website doesn't work
Improved! Fixed MY Invoices Area of online account using skin1 shows <sup>£</sup>
Improved! Fixed Invoice’s dates are in wrong format in Web Account Page
Improved! Fixed Expected ship date not displaying in Matrix Items
Improved! Fixed Sorting Departments in Ecommerce
Improved! Fixed Changing quantities and removing items from shopping cart
Improved! Fixed Image uploading issues on website
Improved! Fixed Store locator stuck on loading screen and map is zoomed in
Improved! Fixed USPS First Class Mail not showing in the webstore Shipping Method
Improved! Fixed Matrix and kit Products are not sorting in website using skin 1
Improved! Fixed Free shipping is not picked up on shopping cart for prepacked items
Improved! Fixed Mini Cart Not Updating Item Quantities

Improved! Fixed NO reports under quotes


Improved! Fixed Workflow is now changed to "Ready To Invoice" after printing pick note
Improved! Fixed Cannot enter discount on a kit item
Improved! Fixed Find Budget and Forecast error using web services
Improved! Fixed Prospect wizard always display a message "Contact Full Name is required" even though there is a full name contact.
Improved! Fixed EWAY gateway error in processing payment
Improved! Fixed Credit Memo Discount does not take discount into account
Improved! Fixed Email on Customer File Changing to Different Customer
Improved! Fixed Customer Details not saving changes
Improved! Fixed Emails copied from Contact to Shipto
Improved! Fixed RMA not reflecting the discounted price from Invoice
Improved! Fixed New Customer getting default ship to even when initially set up with a different shipto class
Improved! Fixed Disabled Void button in Receipt form
Improved! Fixed Modifiable Reserve Column for Credit Memo in Receipt form
Improved! Fixed Error on adding multiple line items in an invoice
Improved! Fixed Unable to save and close receipts and refunds
Improved! Fixed Unable to sell returned items with serial numbers
Improved! Fixed Error on inserting line item via typing in to an existing Sales Order
Improved! Fixed Unable to back date an invoice
Improved! Fixed Unable to save Sales Order for certain Users
Improved! Fixed Inventory custom fields not showing when opened through Sales Order
Improved! Fixed Workflow stage "print pick note" does not change after printing pick note


Improved! Fixed Shipment does not take the default carrier assigned in the shipping configuration
Improved! Fixed Shipping label ShipFrom is not taking the item/order location by default
Improved! Fixed Shipping Miscellaneous Charge and Mark Up Amount not being picked up for FedEx Ground Service for Canadian customers


Improved! Fixed Unable to Deallocate and Void Supplier Payment
Improved! Fixed Supplier Return Account page is Empty
Improved! Fixed Recurring Bill does not allow Bill to pay - no bill to allocate
Improved! Fixed Recurring Bills - Only recurs line 1 of break out
Improved! Fixed Purchase Order in Euro currency changes the Supplier Price if you change the quantity to order
Improved! Fixed Cannot duplicate Purchase Order
Improved! Fixed Unable to Post supplier Bill
Improved! Fixed Sending purchase order via email when new location is enabled
Improved! Fixed VAT is dropped when bill is received
Improved! Fixed Incorrect outstanding supplier balance due duplicated payments
Improved! Fixed Unable to post Bill due to changing standard cost after posting GRN
Improved! Fixed Unable to Void and Deallocate Supplier Payment
Improved! Fixed Error on deleting and adding line item in Purchase Order form when using web services
Improved! Fixed Incorrect Calculation on Item Quantities on Purchase Order
Improved! Fixed Unable to Add Serial Numbers when amending a Goods Received
Improved! Fixed Tax/VAT Not Carried Over in Bill form


Improved! Fixed Adding new matrix items to an existing matrix group
Improved! Fixed Create New Stock Take return a DB null error
Improved! Fixed Pricing Tab shows incorrect details on Price Level drop down
Improved! Fixed Item Price Wizard error in setting up criteria
Improved! Fixed Unable to save Stock Transfer
Improved! Fixed Stock Information’s On Order not showing correct quantity


Improved! Fixed Balance changes even without checking or unchecking any items possibly due to transactions disappearing off the list
Improved! Fixed Deposits and Payments not showing for Bank Reconciliation


Improved! Fixed Profit and Loss Report prints as Balance Sheet
Improved! Fixed Financial Report date filters issue
Improved! Fixed Closing Accounting periods error
Improved! Fixed Financial Report date filters issue

Report Center

Improved! Fixed Bind To Form Filter’s Max Row not applying to reports
Improved! Fixed The Report Explorer - Advanced Search Not Working
Improved! Fixed The Report Explorer – View Folder Not Working

Connected Warehouse

Improved! Fixed Setup for Warehouseman Role


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