Allocate Stocks Automatically in POS

A pleasant day, business folks! On this latest blog post, we will be discussing about Connected Business’ Auto Stock Allocation, a latest automated function in POS which allows stock adjustments for items that are short on quantity when creating transactions. In the previous v [..]

Send Split Email Attachments

Hi everyone! Having confusions when it comes to sending batch after batch of report attachments via email can be a stressful task. Usually, this causes email flooding, errors, inadvertent sending of wrong attachments to recipients, document duplicates, all of which could equate to confidentiality [..]

Bill Shipment Cost to Customers

Greetings and Salutations!Today's blog post is all about a recently-developed feature in Connected Business which showcases a vital role in billing shipment cost to customers, being the “Recipient” of the package, the Customer Recipient Billing option.This option allows the u [..]