Considerations for Self Hosting

We had a forum question on considerations for self hosting. Let me share my thoughts with the community on this subject. I hope others share their thoughts and questions as well.   First, I always applaud a planning strategy. You have all of the key indicators listed below. Let's discuss why [..]

Running On-demand or On-premise? Which is right for you...

ON-DEMAND OR ON-PREMISE Business owners and decision makers have options with how the manage and run their day to day business applications. With the choices come the assessment of hiring and maintaining IT staff versus the option of hosting their software in an on-demand environment. Interprise of [..]

Release Notes for Connected Business 13.1

Release Notes for Connected Business 13.1Release Date: 03-27-2013 New Features Enhancements What's Fixed Known Issues and Limitations   New Features eCommerce Upgrading customers can now recreate existing images into minicart images via the webadmin site. [..]

Uploading Product Images to the Webstore

This blog post will discuss on how to upload product images on the webstore using Connected Business 13. It allows you to easily upload hundreds or thousands of images in a single data import. The image below is the workflow when uploading images to your website: Fill Out the Import Template [..]

Connected Business POS: Suspend and Resume Sale Transactions

In Connected Business POS, suspending and resuming transactions are an option that is of great use for most retail business working with POS systems. If your customer has suddenly realized that she needs to add an item, you may suspend an active transaction which does not require any payment nor t [..]

Streamlined Sales Tax Report Creation

Your business doesn't have to be stumped in creating Sales Tax reports. Your business doesn't have to endure the lengthy data-mining and processing and the tedious complexities of report-creation when you have in your hands a powerful solution to sales tax report compliance. Grant yourself [..]

Support for Zip+4 Taxation

Sales tax rates vary widely across the nation with hundreds of thousands of special taxing jurisdictions being implemented. While ZIP codes are well established, most tax jurisdictions do not follow tax rates using only ZIP codes. With all these changes, businesses are required to keep up to date [..]

Enhanced Financial Statement Views

How your accounts are presented in a report is an important aspect of financial reporting. To address concerns of users in having flexibility when viewing financial statements, we present an enhancement in the Accounting module that allows consistent presentation of financial reports. This allows [..]