Retrospective Analysis: Accounts Receivable Report

To keep your business up and running, you have to keep an eye on your financial reports. One of the most important reports to spend your attention is the Retrospective Reports for Accounts Receivable called “Accounts Receivable Analysis Reports”. If you want to review all your past fin [..]

Retrospective Analysis: Accounts Payable Report

Building a relationship with your customers is as important as building trust with your suppliers. No goods can be sold to your customers without a trusted supplier to continuously supply you with the goods you need. To help you manage the expenses as well as balance your financial health, Connect [..]

Retrospective Analysis: Accounts Payable Aging Report

The Aged Accounts Payable Analysis Report is a detailed and comprehensive report that shows all your outstanding balances and payables in aging periods for all your suppliers. The aging period ranges from 30 days to 120+ days with indicated total days overdue. It also includes last-year- [..]

Add Calculated Fields in your Report

Connected Business adds Calculated Fields in the Report Center to help users create a sensible and entirely new data field (without delving into lengthy programming codes) to meet their business needs. This is an advanced feature where you can create expressions using pre-recorded functions, mathe [..]

Force Sign-Out Users From Multiple Locations

Your Connected Business application contains a lot of confidential information that requires a secured and reliable user control system. Since we know and understand your needs, we have added a new layer of control for managing accounts that are currently logged in from different locations. With t [..]

Adding Landed Cost in Bills

To accurately determine the “true” cost of an item, there are other fees and charges incurred upon receiving the items that must be considered (this goes beyond the original price imported from a regular supplier). These extra fees may be in the form of shipping costs from an overseas [..]