Shipping Orders with Prepacked and Regular Items

In Connected Business, you can now automatically generate labels for shipments that contain prepacked items along with regular items. When the system detects that a prepacked item is included in the shipment, a pop up message will confirm if you want to automate the creation of label. This blog po [..]

Generate Labels for Multi Package Shipments

Hello Everyone! In this blog, I will be discussing about the enhancement made by our development team when you create a shipping transaction which consists of number of boxes or packages for shipment. In Interprise Suite 6, the multi-box feature only allows you to enter the total weight of [..]

Release Notes for Connected Business 13.2

Release Notes for Connected Business 13.2Release Date: 05-31-2013 New Features Enhancements What's Improved Upgrade Considerations Known Issues and Limitations New Features Connected Sale Mobile Please note that Connected Sale 13.2 app for iPad does not [..]

How to Create a Blind Ship Order

Maintain vendor confidentiality so that you can maintain your key client relationships. With Connected Business Blind shipping feature, your customers can call anytime for a blind ship order that allows you to change the Ship From name to your customer's name without changing the Ship From addre [..]

Connected Business User Role Enhancements

In Connected Business 13.1.2, we have added multitude of enhancements and bug fixes particularly on the User Role form which allows you to flexibly customize forms, tabs, sections and many more. The following are the recent enhancements made on the User Role: Create or Assign a Custom Table to [..]

Shipping Configuration for FedEx Saturday Pick Up

Most companies specifically those with online stores prefer to have their shipments delivered in an efficient practice, one with affordable shipment rates on a fast delivery pace to meet customers' needs. With Connected Business, we offer a great solution to cater your business needs a flexible wa [..]

FedEx Ground Home Delivery Configuration

In the past versions of Connected Business such as Interprise Suite, the system has set Home Delivery Premium as default when you select the FedEx Ground Home Delivery as shipping method. This method costs you time to uncheck the option every time you want it disabled in the shipment window. No [..]

Set up String Resources for Other Languages in your Webstore

In Connected Business eCommerce module, string resources are defined only for the default selling language. If in case, you want to show your site in multiple languages, you need to configure the string resources for all other supported languages. This blog post will show you how to set up string [..]

Release Notes for Connected Business 13.1.2

Release Notes for Connected Business 13.1.2Release Date: 05-09-2013 New Features Enhancements What's Fixed New Features Connected Sale (Desktop and Mobile) Added support for Non-stock and Service item types. Reports Added new report 'Check Stub Stub (Quic [..]