Easy Fixes to Optimize Your Website Speed

Website speed is a primary concern among e-commerce merchants, and a fast-loading website can have a significant effect to your bottom line. Fortunately you don’t need us to speed up your website, you just need to optimize your customizations. First Things First: Understanding "First Loa [..]

Order Online, Pick Up From Store

Allow your customers to order online and pick up their items directly from your store branch location with the In Store Pick Up feature. Your customers can select from your store locations where they can pick up their items. Everything is fully-integrated, so once your customers order an item from y [..]

Online retail rides the Cyber Monday wave

Black Friday is still the most awaited day in the retail calendar, but businesses have been pushing to include more targeted marketing efforts for other days of the holiday season. Enter Cyber Monday, a day characterized by a frenzy of online shopping on the Monday after Thanksgiving Weekend. [..]