The Case for Long-Term Loyalty Programs

Loyalty pointshave long been part of a company's arsenal of promotional products, and they continue to be relevant in the age of online retail. The new retail landscape, however, has begun to emphasize a more involved relationship between brand and shopper. "Consumers' desire for seamless, compell [..]

The Rise of WiFi Stores Makes Digital More Personal

Current retail trends are shifting towards creating a more immersive shopping experience both online and off. One aspect that has steadily gained traction is the concept of transforming brick-and-mortar stores into WiFi-powered premises. Retail insidersare banking on the idea that once a phys [..]

Cross Channel Engagement: Challenges and Rewards

We've already talked about the idea of a new buyer's journey, and how the Internet has reframed the way a shopper interacts with your brand from beginning to end. One crucial aspect of this phenomenon is the way customers switch between different modes when they are interacting with brands. T [..]

What Are The Factors Affecting Item Pricing?

Dynamic pricing has flourished since the rise of the online economy, making it easy for retailers to adapt to market demands in real time. The magazine Business Week predicted this trend back in 1998, stating that, "Suddenly, marketers can communicate directly with prospective buyer [..]

Store Pickup Checklist For Empowering Your Team

Implementing an in-store pick up channelrequires some training and practice for the staff at your pickup location. Industry publication Retail Dive notes that more than 75% of customers now expect a kind of pick up system whenever they shop online. Your consumer base expects a seam [..]

Tips For A Spring Retail Gameplan That Stands Out

The retail industry is looking forward to spring activity among shoppers looking for great deals after a record-breaking winter. According to reports, harsh weather in January and Februaryhad caused consumers to stay in and posed significant challenges to shipping and fulfilment across t [..]

RMA on the Web Store: How it Works

It is imperative for today's eCommerce companies to make everything convenient for their customers.  Connected Business eCommerce does just that. Connected Business eCommerce helps your customers create Return Merchandise Authorization on your web store for items they wish to return to your s [..]

How Product Bundling Benefits Your Business

When you buy a McDonald's Happy Meal, purchase the Microsoft Office Suite, or avail of packaged services, you are making the most out of the bundled products that companies offer customers often at discounted prices. But what is product bundling? Product bundling is the combination of two or more [..]