Why Diversify Your eCommerce Payment Methods?

  How do your customers want to pay for your products? This aspect of ecommerce is often an overlooked one, but limitations to payment may be one of the hurdles that prevent potential customers from clicking the Buy button. Different methods pose unique challenges for you as an ecommerce me [..]

How to Manage Your Reports Using Connected Sale POS

The Connected Sale Point-of-Sale application is a powerful tool to keep track of your retail business. You can sell all of your inventory items anywhere, accept different payment types, keep track of inventory and customer information, and view your reports. Yes, you can view your reports directly [..]

Engage Your Store Customers with the Secondary Display Feature

The Point of Sale counter is a great customer touchpoint where you can present additional items for cross-sell or upsell, promote on-going promotions and deliver marketing messages to your captured customers. Connected Sale POS Secondary Display is a beautiful way to engage your customers right at t [..]

Store Pickup Checklist For Empowering Your Team

Implementing an in-store pick up channelrequires some training and practice for the staff at your pickup location. Industry publication Retail Dive notes that more than 75% of customers now expect a kind of pick up system whenever they shop online. Your consumer base expects a seam [..]

Master Business Management On The Go

According to Nicole Leinbach-Reyhle in, "tech, time and data" are the most important investments for retail in 2015. The fast pace of business means managers and owners need to keep constant track of performance all year round. Managing your business full-time doesn't have to mean that [..]

Order Online, Pick Up From Store

Allow your customers to order online and pick up their items directly from your store branch location with the In Store Pick Up feature. Your customers can select from your store locations where they can pick up their items. Everything is fully-integrated, so once your customers order an item from y [..]

How to Use a Gift Card or Certificate at a POS

Gift Cards and gift certificates are becoming trendy gift options, especially during the holiday season. With gift cards, there is no need to return items to the store if they're in the wrong size or the wrong color! The people receiving the gift have total control of what they get. Conne [..]

How To Process Online Payments From Your Webstore

Connected Business's powerful eCommerce platform makes it possible for you to deliver an efficient and enjoyable shopping experience for your customers. You can now integrate a wide range of payment processes into your webstore, including the ability to process online payments through your site. To [..]

Show Running POS Transaction via Secondary Display

Good day, everyone!On this blog post, we will be discussing about Connected Sale Mobile’s Secondary Display feature. Mainly, the secondary display is a mirror image of a primary POS workstation to allow customers to view their items on hand, as well as running transactions upon payment. [..]