What You Might Not Know About CB: Promotional and Discount Pricing

Discounts are a great strategy for creating buzz for your products and enticing casual browsers to become more frequent shoppers. Connected Business eCommerce can display different types of discount schemes to your product list, such as special pricing in exchange for signing up or flash sales. W [..]

Introducing Priority Orders

Priority order is a new feature available in Connected Business 15 that allows your business to offer expedited processing and faster delivery for an additional charge. By setting up priority orders, your business can deliver more options to your customers and add value to their shopping experienc [..]

User SO Notification Over Changes in Stock Allocation

Hello Everyone! Today’s post will talk about a new feature where the user will be notified when there are changes in item allocation on the sales order and the picking ticket is already printed. This feature is applicable for those who have customer orders where the allocated quantity cannot f [..]

Negative Quantity Entries on Customer Transactions

Many of today’s businesses require the entry of negative quantities on sales orders or invoices for reversing sales transactions. For today’s blog post, we will show a sample illustration as to how a non-stock item and service item types with negative quantity creates an impact on the sa [..]

Direct Payment within Order and Invoice Forms

Create Payments Faster through Paying within Sales Order / Invoice Form The Connected Business team never stops creating and developing more substantial features. We are constantly developing our product in order for you to maximize business potential in getting sales and profits as well as keep yo [..]

Voiding Posted Invoices

We are very excited to share with you a very helpful feature, Voiding a Posted Sales Invoice is now supported in Connected Business. Let's say you had posted an invoice into the general ledger but you want to void it. No worries, with Connected Business you can now have the option to void a posted s [..]

Set Notes in Advance using the Predefined Notes

Hello Everyone! Today, I will be sharing a very useful feature to be used on many forms of Connected Business. Predefined Note, is a tool that allows you to conveniently and automatically include preset comments or instructions through notes. With this feature, you don't need to type information or [..]