Binding Reports to Connected Business Forms

Connected Business lets you create an environment with automated, seamless business processes. Today we are going to discuss about an intuitive feature of the Report Center that lets you bind reports to almost any form in Connected Business. The Bind to Form option lets you tie up a report to a fo [..]

Advanced Report Creation through Subreports

The Report Center in Connected Business is completely built from the ground up that allows businesses and organizations to create from simple to advanced reports and keep them abreast in the competition. In an intuitive reporting environment, we are introducing a very substantial feature called t [..]

The Report Center Tools

The Connected Business' Reports Center is built to be fully customizable. Every report you can come up with it can be personalized with a set of built-in tools. From these set of tools you can design any type of report; include pivot grids and charts, layout colored panels and place additional data [..]

Creating Reports with the Report Wizard

Good day! Today I'm going to discuss about one of the easy ways to create reports in using the Report Wizard in Connected Business. The Report Wizard makes it really simple for you to create reports by following a series of steps that lets you put in data sources from all throughout the Connected Bu [..]

Manage Reports with ease using the Report Explorer

Good day everyone! Today I'm going to talk about how to make the most out of your Connected Business Report Center. Inside this powerful module is a search engine that works to sort every report-worthy information and lists them down for you for easy searching. All your report records can be accesse [..]

Sneak Peek: The Connected Business Report Center

Unlike other enterprise software in the market, Connected Business has an integrated module that carries in itself powerful reporting capabilities called the Report Center. Click Image to Enlarge Creating new reports from scratch are also very intuitively-designed as you will be guided caref [..]