What You Might Not Know About CB: Promotional and Discount Pricing

Discounts are a great strategy for creating buzz for your products and enticing casual browsers to become more frequent shoppers. Connected Business eCommerce can display different types of discount schemes to your product list, such as special pricing in exchange for signing up or flash sales. W [..]

How To Code Tokens For Your Web Store

Skin tokens are short codes that can help you further customize your eCommerce site. We've written an introductory blog post on skin tokens, including information on which files to modify when adding the codes. For this topic, we are further breaking down the various types of skin tokens that are ap [..]

Super Tooltips - Give Your Customers Insights on Your Forms

Good day everyone! Have you ever encountered a fill-out form with fields that you don't know what they're for? It's like you are reduced to assuming what the fields are for based on context clues and the field labels. More often than not, you'd want all users to understand the fields they [..]