VIDEO: Create Credit Memos for Invoices

  This video tutorial gives a step-by-step demonstration of how to use Credit Memos using Connected Business and apply them to different scenarios. For a more in-depth discussion of this feature, don't forget to consult our earlier blog post, How to Apply and Create Credit Memos. [..]

What You Might Not Know About CB: Priority Orders

Priority orders are a great feature for shoppers who want to expedite their orders during especially busy seasons, such as the holidays. By setting up priority orders, your business can deliver more options to your customers and put you at the forefront of your industry when it comes to quick [..]

What You Might Not Know About CB: Promotional and Discount Pricing

Discounts are a great strategy for creating buzz for your products and enticing casual browsers to become more frequent shoppers. Connected Business eCommerce can display different types of discount schemes to your product list, such as special pricing in exchange for signing up or flash sales. W [..]